Your First ? Lesson: An Emoji Tale

Your First ? Lesson: An Emoji Tale

Your First ? Lesson: An Emoji Tale


This is your path to dance lessons, but told with emojis.

There may have been times when you thought that ? wasn’t your thing, or that it was something that you needed to be ?? doing.  The truth is, everything can be taught – including ballroom dancing, and that’s the truth ?.

? Emojis Explained ?

If you aren’t sure what an emoji is, or how to use them – then our reaction would look like ?.  Here’s a synopsis on the purpose of emojis:  Rather than sharing a long paragraph in text messages, and now blog articles, emojis let us ?, ?, ?, and ?.  (FYI:  Cats power the internet). It’s a visual summary that replaces commonly used phrases or feelings.

Your First ? Lesson: An Emoji Tale

? – ? Enough is Enough 

Learning to dance may be a goal that has been simmering for a long time, but it’s those moments that get you boiling that make you take action to get started.

Whether this was an office party at work, your sister just got ?, or you’re just sick and tired of talking about things you want to do “eventually” – this is your tipping point to getting started.

? ? ? Scheduling Your Lesson

You’ll go through a variety of Emojis when describing how it feels to fill out a form to take your first lesson.  For some, it feels like an admission of guilt “I am admitting that I need help with dancing”, for others, it can bring out the little ? on our shoulder to pipe in a lot of negative self talk.

? ? ? ? Walking In For Your First Dance Lesson

Walking in anywhere for the first time can challenge your comfort zone.  So feeling ?, or even ? is perfectly normal.  In fact, you can read “The Arthur Murray Interview That Almost Never Was” to see that anyone can feel that way.

But everyone, even ?, will be greeted by the professional staff at Arthur Murray and will soon feel ?, and eventually ? when they think that they almost passed up the opportunity.

??Finally Dancing

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and one dance lesson won’t make you John Travolta, but the process of learning to dance is far more rewarding.  Aside from the fact that you are a lot less likely to stand and do the ?, or disappear altogether ?, there are plenty of life altering benefits to learning.

Some ??Benefits 

? Bring some fun back to your Social Life

❤️ Find, enhance, or rekindle your Love Life

?? Not only will your dance lessons burn 300-500 calories, but you’re more likely to dance for longer periods of time than weightlifting or aerobics.

? Meet new friends in the supportive community of teachers and students.

? Never avoid another office party with great music.

? Improve your confidence on, and off, the dance floor.

?? Ballroom Dancing is one of the best activities to promote brain health.

Your Next Move ?

Everything begins when you fill out the form to arrange your free private lesson at Arthur Murray.  Give us 45 minutes to show you that you are fully capable of learning, and we’ll introduce you to an activity that could truly change your life.  ?

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