Can Total Beginners Learn to Dance?

Can Total Beginners Learn to Dance?

Can Total Beginners Learn to Dance?

Can Total Beginners Learn to Dance?
Everyone, regardless of what they tell you, started as a total beginner. Nevertheless, out of all the Frequently Asked Questions on our site, this is one of the most popular queries.

The short answer is:  Yes. 

But here is a little more information about why total beginners can absolutely learn to dance at Arthur Murray.

1.  The History

Arthur Murray was just like you.  He was just a normal guy that wanted to learn how to dance, and like any great inventor, engineer, or entrepreneur he asked a great question – “Is there an easier way to do this?”

Fortunately for all of us, Arthur Murray developed a system designed for someone with zero dance experience.  

2.  It’s A Process

You aren’t born with dance skills. Just like you weren’t born with language, walking, or the skills required to drive a motorhome.  It’s all a process.  Here’s a great example of that process in action with this Learning Process YouTube Star, Mike Boyd.




He films the learning process on everything from Learning to Heelflip a skateboard, playing music, or riding a unicycle.

3. The Teaching System

A teaching system is like an store.  If all the contents of the store were thrown on the floor, it would be tough to really enjoy the shopping experience.

Arthur Murray’s teaching system is like a store for dancing. It that has organized rows, shelves, and with everything thoughtfully displayed with seamless access.

Everything you learn connects to another pattern, dance, or concept, and planned out according to your skill or interest level so everything is fun, quick, and easy to learn.

4.  There Are Myths, Don’t Believe Them

Sure, sure, it’s easy to say not to believe something, but that doesn’t really help does it?  How often have people told themselves that they have two left feet, that they weren’t born with rhythm, or that their gender, or color of their skin, somehow precludes them from learning to dance?

Those are Dance Myths.  There’s no truth to them, but instead of telling you – we’d rather show you that they aren’t true.

Try out a free 45 minute lesson.  It’s the best win-win bet there is.  We will bet that you will no longer believe these myths after your first lesson, and we will teach you a *private lesson, on our dollar, to prove it.

Final Thought

Total beginners only stay total beginners until they take their first step.  We understand that ballroom dancing isn’t something you roll out of bed every morning to do, and we also understand that your first step through the door may take more courage than you originally planned.

The nice thing is that once you do take that step, once you’ve crossed that threshold for the first time, you’ll no longer be a total beginner.  You’ll be a beginning dancer, free of dance myths, and in an environment that is built for you to make rapid progress.

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