Imagine you’re sitting at home going through your normal routine.  You wake up early, grab a quick bite and head to work (usually in traffic).  You work your tail off until it’s time to head home where there’s tons of errands awaiting.  Afterwards, you magically make a dinner out of leftovers and plop on the couch to watch the day’s TV shows.  Using the so called “Reality Show” to help you get away from life and begin dreaming of the adventures that could possibly be.  Until one day.  On this one day, you decided to make a change in your life.  Not knowing what it was going to be, you just knew you wanted more than the norm.  Maybe it was more adventure or a commitment to taking care of you.  Maybe it was to have more fun or to reconnect with a loved one.  Whatever your reason, you took a shot in the dark and thought “Hmm.  I think I’ll learn to dance” and called Arthur Murray Dance Centers.

Congratulations!  Welcome to Arthur Murray!  Where people walk in stressed and dance out happy.  Where they walk in with frustration and dance out energized with a new zest for life.  Creating a new adventure comes standard for students here and learning to dance could be one of the most exciting adventures you can do.  Don’t be surprised if all of sudden you have a social calendar filled or a relationship rekindled.  It’s just another benefit of learning to dance.  With so many reasons from so many students, there’s only so much one can say.  But let’s first start at the beginning of why Arthur Murray does what they do.

Arthur Murray Dance Centers were founded with the premise that anyone and everyone should learn how to dance.  It’s founder, Arthur Murray, believed that it should be used as the perfect gateway to rejuvenate one’s imagination and excitement.  It was after all born from a World War where so many were trying to escape the harsh realities of life.  Although we are in a new millennium, it still proves to be a fact, that we all have a lot going on.  We all need some time to get away from the everyday stress of our lives and replenish.  Whether you’re a parent with children, a couple without a hobby, a busy professional with extra hours or a student with no time.  Everyone has something to gain from adding to themselves.  And most importantly, we must be committed to taking care of our bodies.  As the new saying goes Happy Mind and Body, Happy Human Kind and Everybody! (just made it up. let’s hope it catches on).

Creating an unforgettable experience becomes one of the central focuses for Arthur Murray Dance Centers worldwide.  Overall there are 3 parts that contribute to making your experience just as successful.

  1. Arthur Murray Team-  Everyone at the studio is focused on creating the best experience possible.  The team is what drives the environment and what an exuberant environment it is.  Their infectious smiles and laughs help make the studio feel warm and welcomed from the moment you step into the doors to the moment you leave.  There are no better group of individuals.  And they’ll be the first to pick you up from a bad day or make your day even brighter.
  2. Arthur Murray System- For over 100 years Arthur Murray has been teaching the world to dance and partly because of the teaching system.  The combination of Personal, Group and Party Lessons is what helps anyone achieve their dance goals the fastest way possible.  Plus, being a member gives you full access to the studio calendar of lessons which allows you to learn at your pace.
  3. Community- At it’s core, the Arthur Murray community helps drive the social scene and camaraderie.  Every student understands the process we all go through which makes learning all that more fun and enjoyable. The Arthur Murray Community is quick to accept everyone on the social scene, so don’t be surprised if your social calendar fills up within the first six months.

Everyone has a reason and choice of why they want to learn to dance.  That reason is a personal one and learning to dance should be personalized.  The backbone of Arthur Murray’s success lies in the dedication to make everyone’s experience their own.  Whatever your “why” is, we thank you for choosing Arthur Murray Dance Centers.  We take pride in our reputation and confidence that we can help you get to where you want to go on the dance floor and more.  We look forward to meeting you and creating the experience of a lifetime. Welcome to Arthur Murray.  Walk In and Dance Out!

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